April is Autism Awareness Month

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April is Autism Awareness Month

The beauty of 2018 is that Autism is becoming more and more well known and understood by the general public.

The more widely understood it becomes the easier it is for both parents of autistic kids themselves to feel accepted in society. The numbers are rising. in 2000 it was reported that 1 in 150 kids had some level of autism. This rose drastically from back in 1980 when the rate was 1 out of every 2,000 children. Today, in 2018 we stand at 1 in every 41 though it does seem to be stabilizing.

The reasoning behind the dramatic spike is a matter of much debate and speculation.

Autism is a bio-neurological developmental disability. It will generally start to present itself before the age of 3. It impacts areas of communication, cognition and social interaction. Kids on the spectrum have a hard time with both verbal and nonverbal communications as well as sensory dysfunctions which makes it hard for them to deal with the world in the same way most people do.

The main goal of holding an Autism Awareness month is to let others who do not have children, brothers, sisters, friends or classmates with Autism know more about the condition and that those with the condition still are human beings who have feelings and lives just like you. They want to be treated with respect and care just as you do. It may take you a little longer, and even a little more patience to have a full conversation with them, but to try and please see past the condition to the person.

It has been shown that nutrition can make a great difference in the way autistic children and adults feel and how well they are able to think. Though no single cause has been established loving parents have of course gone out of their way in conjunction with medical staff and doctors to try everything they can come up with to make their loved ones lives everything they can be. What they have found is:

Nutritional therapy can make a huge difference. A commonality is a disrupted digestion. Getting their guts back in balance and focusing on nutrition, eliminating nutritional deficiencies, monitoring blood sugar, checking for heavy metal toxicity, identifying food allergies all can fall in line with an effective action plan to raise the quality of life of an autistic person be it, child or adult.

Issues to look at:

Antibiotic use: If several courses of antibiotics have been taken, restore probiotics and utilize digestive enzymes to help heal the digestive tract.

ADHD/Hyperactivity: Points to an imbalanced blood sugar: Check out the action plan for managing autism naturally

Omega 3s and Fats: This is a common deficiency with those who have autism. It has been shown to help with sleep, focus, behavior, speech, mood, and even imagination. They should not be mixed with blood thinning medication.

Vitamins and Minerals – Thanks to research back in the 70’s grin Dr, Rimland’s study for the Institute for Child Behavior showed that Vitamin B6 and Magnesium significantly improved symptoms in autistic children. Zinc and Vitamin A have also shown great results.

Food Allergens – Food chemical additives and food allergies seem to be one of the strongest linked triggers if not causes. Gluten and casein (Wheat and dairy) being two major contributors.

For a full evidence database approach action plan please visit


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