Andropause – Even Men’s Health Goes Through a Later Life Change

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Andropause – Even Men’s Health Goes Through a Later Life Change

The difference between Andropause and Menopause? Well for one no one ever talks about andropause. Many men don’t even know it exists, let alone to expect it later in life. Knowledge is power. The more you are prepared, the easier it is to navigate. So let’s break the silence and talk about it here today.

What Is Andropause?

Andropause a group of symptoms that come from the gradual decline in testosterone levels in the male body due to age. They include can a decrease in libido, fatigue, hot flashes or night sweats, erectile dysfunction, irritability, muscle loss, and lack of lust for life. You just feel a little less like your old self. You are also less easily able to lose weight and muscle becomes harder to build.

Advertising has deemed this condition “Low T”, which is just another term for Andropause that makes it sound more masculine and less clinical. Testosterone begins to decline beginning in the mid 20’s and continues more noticeably around middle age. This is when signs begin to pop up.

About age 40 (on average) men have reported that they have felt more irritable, depressed, experienced a drop in sex drive, have a harder time remembering things, begin to lose energy, may start losing hair, experience bouts of insomnia with or without night sweats, and even hot flashes like many women.

Often this is just mistaken for normal ageing and not treated at all. While you can tough it out, there is help. Hormone replacement therapy is available but do know that taking testosterone as a therapy has also been shown to increase the risk of heart disease, limit sperm production if you are trying to have a child, may lead to prostate issues and has shown links to prostate cancer.

If you are looking for healthier options, taking testosterone or just dealing with it isn’t the only option. By seeing your chiropractor he is able to get your body realigned so that it can heal itself. By boosting your body’s own ability to heal any underlying conditions which are contributing to Low T, your body will be able, over time, to restore your hormones to more optimal levels. As this happens, symptoms should subside.

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