Chiropractic Help in Fort Myers, Florida for Pinched Nerve Pain

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Chiropractic Help in Fort Myers, Florida for Pinched Nerve Pain

Most people who have experienced a pinched nerve wouldn’t wish this pain on anyone. If you are currently dealing with a pinched nerve, we feel your pain.

When a nerve is pinched, inflammation is created in the body that can cause weakness, pain, tingling, and numbness. There are many reasons as to why you developed a pinched nerve, but something caused there to be excessive pressure on the nerve by either your bones, cartilage, muscles, or tendons.

A pinched nerve can happen at any time. You can get one just from sleeping in bed or bending over!

If you’re experiencing radiating, radicular, sharp, or burning pain or numbness, you likely have a pinched nerve. Fortunately, a visit to the chiropractor may relieve your pinched nerve symptoms and find the root of the pinched nerve to begin with.

When treating a pinched nerve, a chiropractor may do some spinal manipulations (properly aligning the vertebra). The spinal manipulations can help reduce pressure or compression on the pinched nerve, which can improve/reduce pain and help the nerve function properly. You will start to feel more range of motion and muscle relaxation from the alignment.

Along with a spinal adjustment, decompression therapy (traction) can be used, which creates negative pressure on discs, which open facet joints and capsules, relieving pressure.

Treatment of intersegmental traction, exercise and stretching, and an anti-inflammatory such as turmeric or bromelain may help you tremendously.  Also, medications such as NSAID’s, oral steroids, and other pain medications may also be prescribed temporarily until symptoms subside or improve. In some cases, surgery is possible but is often seen as a last resort.

In a chiropractic visit, the chiropractor will investigate the underlying problem causing the pinched nerve. This evaluation will determine the treatment. The main goal is to remove pressure on the pinched (compressed) nerve.

Many patients experience improvement in pain just after one session, but more than one session is necessary to properly realign the spine and promote healing.

If you are dealing with a pinched nerve or nerve pain, Fort Myers Chiropractor, Dr. Jason B. Kaster would love to meet with you and work on healing your problem. We want you feeling like yourself again.

Fort Myers Pinched Nerve Pain Relief

Don’t ignore your nerve pain! A pinched nerve should be addressed immediately because it may lead to permanent damage in the nerve. Medications only mask the issue and don’t target the underlying problem.

Learn more about nerve pain on our Fort Myers pinched nerve relief page. Give us a call to schedule your visit today and get the help your body needs. 239-332-2555.

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