Can You Actually Hurt Yourself Sleeping?

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Can You Actually Hurt Yourself Sleeping?

It may seem absurd, but how many of you have gone to bed feeling just fine only to wake up and feel like something is out of place. You may notice a sudden stiffness or pain, or even a loss of range of motion accompanied by pain when trying to complete a motion.

If you have managed to be one of the lucky ones to experience this, though it may not make you feel all that much better, you should know that you aren’t alone. We have gotten this same remark from many patients over the years.

Sleeping is an unconscious act, after all, we are asleep. This doesn’t stop us from moving, rolling over, or shifting. “Wrong” movements or lengthened periods of time in odd positions can be all it takes to throw something “out of whack” and create a misalignment or sore muscle.

Upon waking when you realize something is off there are a few things you can do to help. First off stretch. If it hurts too much to stretch, go take a hot shower. Let the water heat up and then get in and just stand under the waterfall for a few minutes. If your showerhead has a massage setting, turn it to that setting.

While you are in the shower, try again to stretch after the water warms up your muscles. It should be a little easier. Ignore your water bill and put your health first. Stay in there a few minutes.

If you have any Biofreeze, Ben Gay, or other mentholated rubs like Tiger Balm, apply them to the affected area and cover with cloth be it a sweatshirt, sweat pants, or where ever the injured feeling is in the body.

Take turmeric and bromelain for anti-inflammatory properties or over the counter remedies like Aleve or ibuprofen (short term) for relief. Drink plenty of water.

If it is still bothering you make sure to give your Chiropractor a call and schedule an appointment as soon as possible as there is never a reason to live with pain.

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