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Boost Your Immune System, Naturally

Did you know that regular chiropractic visits help to keep your immune system going strong throughout the year?

The nervous system works in conjunction with your immune system. Spinal misalignments cause neural dysfunctions. This is stressful on the body. Stress causes immunity breakdown over time. Chiropractic helps to correct the subluxations and get the nerves functioning and communicating properly to your cells and organs once again.


Adjustments affect your immune system


Here are some interesting facts coming out from the latest scientific studies on the subject


  1. In one study, blood was taken from 15 patients before an adjustment. Another blood draw was done on the same subjects’ post adjustment. What was found was that the immune response was significantly higher after they had been adjusted. [1]


  1. It has been noted that those coming in with a cold or flu recovered faster than those who do not receive chiropractic adjustments. [2]


  1. Children under chiropractic care required less use of antibiotics and other medications. [3]


  1. Chiropractic has even been shown to help those living with HIV. The central benefits chiropractic offered were a reduction of stress and removal of nervous system interference as well as education on living an immunopositive lifestyle.[4]


Your immune system plays a major role in your health and overall well-being. It can affect every cell in your body, every system and every organ. Along with eating well, getting fresh air and sunshine daily, make sure you don’t limit Chiropractic in your mind to just a cure for aches and pains. If you do not feel well or have a diagnosis of any kind go visit your chiropractor and see if they may be able to help.

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