Have You Tried Decompression Therapy?

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Have You Tried Decompression Therapy?

Can’t get relief from chronic pain? – Decompression may be the answer. As humans who reside on the planet earth we are all subject to gravity. Gravity is what holds us firmly to the ground. It also is what allows the weight to subject our bodies to pressure.

The human head, on average, weighs 10 to 11 pounds. It is bigger and heavier than the neck. Yet amazingly the neck, when healthy, is easily able to support the weight of the head with no problems. The human neck has a high level of compressive strength in the vertebral column. The muscles and tendons keep it stable and strong. 

The problem and pain come in when damage is done to the vertebrae in the neck or further down the spinal column into the back or hip regions. When discs or vertebrae are injured they can become compressed. Compression sends pain signals to the nerves. You may experience stiffness, rigidity, loss of mobility and even pain.

When we are in an upright position all 10 to 11 pounds plus the weight of whichever vertebra and body weight lie above the damaged area to be added on are now pressing on the injury. As the day goes on you can feel more and more worn and tired leading to feeling less well overall.

You may have tried heat to relax the muscle, ice to rid yourself of inflammation, or numerous other treatments. One that is overlooked often is nonsurgical spinal decompression therapy.

What is Spinal Decompression Therapy?

SDT is a traction system that is motorized. It works by gently stretching the spine to alter both position and force.  It can relieve pressure on spinal discs as well as nerves and allow herniated discs to retract. Traction promotes the body’s natural healing mechanisms by moving water, fluids, and oxygen into the discs.

Decompression therapy, when used in conjunction with chiropractic and other treatments such as massage and electro-stimulation has been showing to be a highly successful alternative to surgeries.

We offer decompression therapy here in our Fort Myers, Florida office. If you are interested in learning more we invite you to call or come in for a visit.

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