6 Surprising Causes of Back Pain

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6 Surprising Causes of Back Pain

W hen you awoke this morning, you may have noticed your back was hurting, yet have no idea what may be the cause. You probably don’t remember doing anything that would’ve resulted in this pain. For some reason, against all odds, the pain is there, frustrating and distracting you from your normal daily routine.

A recent survey of 2056 individuals, conducted by backpainhelp.com, found everyday activities like driving, housework, working, and sex became impossible for those having back pain. About 26% of the study group had to quit housework because of pain in the back. Another 22% had to stop working or studying. There were also 35% who admitted the pain in the spine caused them to be short tempered. However, the good news is, by making very simple adjustments, you can avoid sacrificing daily activities.

It may surprise you to know what really may be the cause of those pesky aches. What if you were told that they are the result of poor sleep for the past few days? Did you know that even smoking can badly affect your spine? Well, if you want to know more about the different causes of back pain, keep reading.

Irregular Exercise

Everyone knows it’s a good idea to exercise regularly. That said, there are people who are just too busy to exercise during their workdays so they prefer to wait for the weekend to push hard on their body. You may not see the connection between that and the health of your spine but there is.

If you practice high impact sports on the weekend without first strengthening your core, your backbone just won’t be strong enough to deal with the level of stress involved. The direct consequence may be back pain.

Carrying kids

As a parent, you probably wouldn’t see anything wrong with carrying your baby around. But the fact is, as your child grows, his weight start exerting a lot of force on your spine. As your child struggles and squirms, you’re forced to twist and bend your spine. In the long run, that can result in pain.

The advice here is to keep your shoulders over your pelvis when lifting your child.


Your vertebral column is made of intervertebral fibrocartilages that lie between adjacent vertebrae. Those are called spinal discs, which deteriorate much faster in people who smoke. The faster they deteriorate, the sooner you are going to experience back pain.


Occasional, gentle twisting of your body won’t cause harm. However, those who twist their body too often might cause micro trauma to their lower back and the cumulative effect over time may be a damaged spine.

Lack of sleep

You wouldn’t have thought that your sleeping pattern could affect the health of your spine, but it does. Your spinal discs need around 7 hours of sleep to get properly hydrated. When you are awake, the water supply on your backbone depletes very rapidly, so make it a habit to sleep as much as you need.

Bad mattresses

Getting an adequate amount of sleep is beneficial, but when your sleeping time is spent on the wrong mattress, your time is wasted. It’s important to sleep with your spine not bent. Your backbone should be straight and the vertebrae should be properly aligned.

Avoid mattresses that dip in the center. They allow your backbone to bend abnormally throughout the night, and as you have guessed, that may be the cause of the pain. Also, remember that the pillow you use may or may not help. The pillow you choose should always allow you to keep your spine straight.


The next time you feel a pain on the back, ask yourself if you failed to follow the tips mentioned in this article.

What other surprising causes have given you back pain?

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