Posture Mistakes That Could Be Costing You Your Health

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Posture Mistakes That Could Be Costing You Your Health

We may not think much about seeing someone sitting with bad posture. Good posture has become rare in our society. While it may not seem like a big deal to slouch when you are young, over the course of a lifetime that incorrect slouched posture can do some major damage causing you problems and pain later in life.

When your muscles and bones are continually being positioned in a way they’re not designed for things get strained. Bones may work or set with no cushion leading to wear and tear. Lacking spinal posture can even lead to nerve damage due to compression. This can trigger hand or leg pain.

We don’t want that for you, our beloved readers… Here are some things to watch out for to keep your body in great working condition throughout your life.

The most common mistakes that can hurt you:

1. Being too sedentary – Not moving. This is the top thing that can hamper health and mobility. Our bodies were designed for movement. Every 30 minutes or so get up, stretch out, change position. Even great posture can be bad if you don’t move for hours.

2. Slouching – If your back is not straight and your shoulders are rolled forward it pulls your head and neck downward and even can curve your pelvis up and in. This decreases lung capacity and can affect your heart health as well as respiratory health). Sit up straight.

3. Looking down – Phone users are particularly bad about this. It can also be an issue with other devices or if you do not look at the screen but rather the keyboard when typing. It’s best to learn to type blind by feel so you can look up. It takes practice but it’s worth it. Limit time on your phone daily. Make sure your desk and chair are set at the proper heights.

4. Elbows and wrists – staying in a bent position for too long. Having a gel pad by the keyboard can help prevent you from straining your wrists. Stretch every once in a while, this includes your hands.

5. Laptops – sitting on soft chairs or couches can be horrible for your body. There is no proper way to do this… just please limit the time you do so and your body will thank you.

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6. Doing only cardio at the gym – strength training and flexibility exercises are vital especially if you sit all day.

7. Sleeping funny – sleeping in a weird twisted position where your spine isn’t straight and supported over time will do damage. Stomach sleepers tend to have the most back issues over time.

So now that you are aware, pay attention and try to sit up straight, spend some time stretching and moving and see if you don’t notice you feel a bit better.

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