The Benefits of Chiropractic in Treating Successfully Back Pain

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The Benefits of Chiropractic in Treating Successfully Back Pain

Back pain overshadows everything else in your life. When your back is in pain it’s nearly impossible to function. If you have been in a car accident or have ongoing arthritis you may be in severe pain on a constant basis. You may have been lead to believe that your only option for pain relief is narcotic pain medications, surgical intervention, or a lifetime filled with aches and pains.

While some cases may require invasive surgical treatment, ongoing pain in your back can often be remedied by regular chiropractic visits.

How Does Chiropractic Work?

Chiropractic adjustments are therapeutic, non-surgical treatments designed to relieve back and neck pain and while improving joint function. The chiropractor does a thorough exam and determines which vertebrae are not in proper alignment.

Once identified, the subluxations are adjusted back to proper placement. This helps to relieve pressure put on the joints, widens the range of motion, and helps to relax the muscles which support the spine.

You may feel some immediate relief following an adjustment. Post adjustment, patients may have temporary aches or soreness around their spine. Cold compresses can help to speed and alleviate any swelling or soreness from the adjustment quickly.

Do Adjustments Restore Function?

A misaligned spine can leave you in pain, feeling sore, or stiff, and achy. It can keep you from functioning normally. Regular spinal adjustment treatments help to relieve symptoms quickly without medications or surgeries.

Chiropractic adjustments return the spine to its natural alignment, allowing it to support your weight and achieve a more natural range of motion. When you are out of alignment your weight cannot be evenly distributed across the spine. This leaves muscles and joints overworked by the weight of your torso. This quickly leads to becoming overworked and sore. Given enough misplaced weight, the cartilage padding the bone can wear down leading to more wear and tear and pain later in life.

Once you are realigned the weight is distributed more evenly and your joints can relax.

Experience Relief From Joint and Back Pain at Kaster Chiropractic and Associates

At Kaster Chiropractic and Associates, backs are our specialty. We understand that your pain is as unique as you are. That’s why we work with every patient to determine the cause of their pain and create a personalized treatment plan to relieve discomfort.

Give us a call today at 239-332-2555 and let us get your back on the road to health.

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