Back Pain – The Chiropractic Fix

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Back Pain – The Chiropractic Fix

Living with back pain can make literally every activity unbearable.

Even just sitting can be painful. Back pain is one of the most common health complaints in America today. 3/4 of adults will experience back pain during their lifetime. 35% of chiropractic patients seek treatment specifically for that reason.

The goal of treating a patient through chiropractic techniques is the prevention of injury (or further injury) as well as to restore function both leading to the experience of relief.

Correct alignment of the spine through hands-on manipulation and other alternative treatments can help to restore correct movement and mobility which is often brought about by traumatic injury or repetitive motion and the stress it causes. The concepts in chiropractic are to realign and allow the body to be able to heal without the need for medications or surgery.

Along with manual manipulation, other modalities may be employed. These include massage therapy, E-stim (electrical stimulation), Cryotherapy (use of ice), Traction, Spinal Decompression Therapy, Trigger Point Therapy, Ultrasound, and Intersegmental Traction.

More and more often people are turning away from traditional medicine in favor of chiropractic seeing the value in really healing the root cause rather than trying to cover the symptoms in an ongoing never ending loop that ends back at the start again, in pain.

Back pain falls into two categories: Acute – lasting a short time, resolves on its own and chronic – 12 weeks or longer and requires treatment in order to feel better.

Back pain can be brought on from a fall, a twist, an accident, lifting improperly or just moving the wrong way. Sometimes back pain starts from no specific cause that can be identified at all.

Your chiropractor may suggest rest, ice, heat, exercises, and massage therapy. If you take a fall or have an accident taking Arnica Montana 30x (found in nearly every vitamin store) can help speed healing and limit bruising. Turmeric taken daily can help reduce inflammation as can Bromelain.  NSAIDs can also help as anti-inflammatories, but unlike the natural turmeric, they can be dangerous to your kidneys especially over time.

If your back hurts, don’t resign yourself to just sucking it up and living with it. Call us. 239-332-2555 and come in for a consultation and adjustment. This holiday season gift yourself the best gift of all – health. You are worth it.

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