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Back Pain Causes that May Surprise You

When your back hurts, it feels like everything hurts and it makes even the most ordinary tasks of everyday living difficult if not impossible.

In a survey, conducted by, found that activities like housework, driving, sex, and working became next to impossible for those with back pain.

35% admitted that backache pain caused them to be in a bad mood and lose their tempers more easily.

22% said it caused them to stop working or studying

26% of the study group had to quit housework entirely

The good news is that you can avoid sacrificing necessary life activities by getting regular chiropractic adjustments. You do not have to live with constant pain.

Though back pain may have a specific identifiable inception point such as a trip or fall, aches and pains can appear almost out of the blue leaving you to question “What did I do to myself?”

Here are the top-ranking reasons patients end up with non-identifiable source back pain:


Spinal discs deteriorate much faster in people who smoke. The faster they degenerate, the sooner and more likely that you are going to have back pain.

Lifting and Carrying Children

That once adorable little 10 lb. bundle of joy is now 35 lbs. That is a big difference in the strain on your back. Proper lifting with your shoulders over your pelvis is important, twisting when lifting a wiggling child is a quick path to back injury.

Not Exercising Regularly and Going too Hard or Heavy When You do

Weekend warriors are far more likely to injure their backs during workouts than those that gym all week. Pushing your body hard when the base for strength isn’t there often leads to injury.

Insomnia and lack of sleep

Your spinal discs need around 6-7 hours of sleep a night in order to properly hydrate. When you are awake, the water supply on your backbone depletes very quickly

Moving “The Wrong Way”

Twisting even just slightly “the wrong way” can cause microtrauma to their lower back. Repeating this cumulatively may lead to a damaged spine.

You need a new mattress

It’s important to sleep with your spine straight and vertebrae properly aligned. Ditch mattresses that dip in the center. They force your backbone to bend abnormally throughout the night. This can cause back pain. Additionally, the pillow you choose should support your head and further help to keep your spine in good alignment.

Regular adjustments also help to ensure your back stays in good shape. Come visit Nutrition Specialists of Florida or call 239-332-2555 so we can get you on the road to health.

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