Neck Pain After an Auto Accident – It Could Be Whiplash

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Neck Pain After an Auto Accident – It Could Be Whiplash

If you have been in an auto accident and your neck hurts you may be suffering from a case of whiplash. Whiplash is caused when an unusual force is applied to your neck that causes it to move beyond its normal range of motion. The result is injury to the soft tissues of the neck – the tendons, ligaments, and muscles. It cannot be seen on an X-ray and but is a very real and painful injury.

Whiplash is the number one most common resulting injury for auto accidents. The amount of physical damage the car sustains may not directly correlate to the severity of the neck injury. Crashes at speeds as low as just 10-15 miles per hour can produce enough force to cause whiplash in automobile accident victims. The wearing of seatbelts did not cause a drastic difference in whether whiplash was sustained.

Though whiplash is primarily an auto accident injury it can also happen under other circumstances including contact sports, blows to the head due to a falling object or physical assault. Repetitive stress or strain involving the neck (such as holding the phone between your neck and chin) are also common, non-acute causes.

Get Whiplash Treatment As Soon As Possible (Care initiated in 24-72 hours is optimal)

Treatment is essential to recovery. 

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