Are You Dealing with Headaches Following A Car Crash?

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Are You Dealing with Headaches Following A Car Crash?

If you have ever been in a car accident you know just how surreal of an experience they can be. Time may seem to slow right before impact.

You feel the impact throughout your entire body. When you come to a stop, you have to pause and reconnect with your body in order to feel if you are indeed ok.

The problem is that your body floods itself with so much adrenaline and dopamine to keep you going in this fight or flight reaction situation that you may not feel injuries right way including broken or dislocated bones, internal injuries, concussions, contusions, and more.

The next day is when reality really sinks in. You wake up sore, battered, and hopefully just bruised. It is important even in minor accidents to get checked out by a medical professional and visit your Chiropractor to get adjusted. In Florida, you have a limited amount of time -14 days – to seek help and have it covered under your PIP Personal Injury Protection included in your insurance.

Headaches are reported in 90% of all car accident injury patients as of 2019. Chiropractic is a well-known headache treatment approach. Car accident headaches are known as cervicogenic (originating in the neck). They stem from irritation of the nerves which travel through the neck and head. This is often a direct result of a crash impact.


Tension headaches are also common due to muscle injury during a collision. While less common vascular injuries in the neck can also take place. These can be serious and it’s important to watch for the warning signs of not just headache, but blurry vision, neck pain, feeling faint, neck pain, and dizziness.

Brain injury may also cause headaches. Even mild cases can have a long term effect on your health. It is important to have your health care provider thoroughly check you out after an accident, especially if you are experiencing neck or head pain.

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