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Are You Pigeon Toed?

Most people that are pigeon-toed (also known as in-toeing), a condition where your toes point in rather than your foot aiming straight ahead when standing, have been that way since birth and think that is just something they will have to live with. The problem with not resolving this issue is that they also often remain in a state of mild chronically sprained ankles.

If you remember back to being a kid, though your ankle may never have fully sprained, all it would take was a jump off a swing or a higher bar on the playground landing not quite right and you would feel a creeping sting rise up aching in your ankles leaving you unable to move for a few seconds.

Pidgeon toedness is most noticeable when standing straight on. The toes hook inward towards each another. It can even make learning to walk initially more difficult because you are likely to actually trip over your own toes. This is equally true in adult women learning to walk in high heel shoes. If you are a pigeon-toed heel wearer, you are truly coordinated.

The normal angle is about 15 degrees pointed out, not straight ahead or inward. That puts tension on your entire foot, leg and hip joint. Many people who are pigeon-toed are also flat-footed which compounds the issue. Use of custom created orthotics can also assist greatly in this case in stabilizing the ankle and foot so you have a more sound solid base.

Can Chiropractic Help with Pigeon Toes?

If Tibial Torsion Exists – The tibia (shin bone) has not yet turned.

Your chiropractor can adjust a subluxation in the bones and explain how to stretch the appropriate muscles. Customized orthotics may also be made to go inside of the child’s shoes to help aid in the correction of the excessive pronation.  Shoes with good arch support and a work out program that supports the building of muscle in the legs and feet are also important. Soccer, running, and football is all recommended.

If The Culprit is Femoral Torsion – The Femur or thigh bone exhibits excessive pronation.

Stretching and strengthening focused on the hip rather than the leg – sports like bicycling, ballet and gymnastics are encouraged.

In both cases – stretching, strengthening and using low force strategies like the instance activator method

If the Metatarsus ductus is the cause – This involves the foot itself. Adjustments will concentrate on the bones of the foot and orthotics can be used if it continues past age 7.

Left untreated incorrect mechanics and foot movement can lead to more problems down the road. If you or your child are pigeon-toed it is important to consult a good podiatrist and or chiropractor to avoid damage later in life.

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