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Earache Have You Feeling Down?

Earaches can occur in both children and adults. They are horribly painful and can even be debilitating, keeping you home from school or work for days on end. You may have an accompanying fever, headache, chills, tiredness, swelling of the ear, ringing or buzzing sounds, hearing loss, and even possibly a plugged up sensation. Often [...]

Iodine Deficiency – One of the Best Kept Secrets Likely Screwing Up Your Health

Surprisingly the majority of American’s are iodine deficient. Iodine is one of the most important minerals for the human body. Lugol’s solution (nascent Iodine) was created in 1829 by the French physician Jean Lugol. It was the go-to antibiotic. A multitude of conditions can be traced back to an Iodine deficiency Cancer Birth defects Hair [...]

Chiropractic Care Helps Your Body Heal from Sciatica

Prescription drugs only cover the symptoms allowing you temporary relief. Pain medication is very often prescribed to patients who suffer from Sciatica issues. According to the British Medical Journal, there may be little point. Researchers went over the findings in 23 studies which compared the targeted medication to sugar pill placebos and the medication was [...]

Osteoporosis Explained

The disease of Osteoporosis causes bones in the body to become brittle and weaken over time drastically increasing the risk of fracture. Bone is not just made of calcium, it is a living tissue. Bone consistency regenerates itself by building new cells and releasing old ones. Collagen plays a big role in how sturdy bone [...]