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The Pain of Texting

While texting may be a pain once in a while in that you get tired of hearing beep beep beep constantly being called to your smartphone like Pavlov’s dog, for the purposes of this article we actually mean the physical pain texting can cause your body over time. While the invention of smartphones and texting [...]

Ankle Pain & Chiropractic

Having pain in your ankle makes daily life more difficult and uncomfortable. It limits mobility and activity choice as well as making choice of footwear difficult especially in noncasual situations where sneakers aren’t dress appropriate. The ankle takes on a lot of pressure daily, encumbering the entire weight of our bodies as well as added [...]

Chiropractic Care Helps Your Body Heal from Sciatica

Prescription drugs only cover the symptoms allowing you temporary relief. Pain medication is very often prescribed to patients who suffer from Sciatica issues. According to the British Medical Journal, there may be little point. Researchers went over the findings in 23 studies which compared the targeted medication to sugar pill placebos and the medication was [...]