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Interferential Electro Current Therapy for Pain Relief

Electrical stimulation has been used in various medical and healthcare facilities for centuries. It has been shown to revive and restore the muscles and relieve pain. In rehabilitation and physiotherapy facilities, interferential current treatment is commonly used to provide pain relief and promote muscle healing. This type of therapy can help individuals recover faster and [...]

Why You May Experience Soreness Following a Chiropractic Adjustment

For the most part, chiropractic adjustments are pain-free, and you can expect to experience some level of relief directly following a treatment session. Occasionally, you may feel sore for a day or two following. It is not cause for alarm and is part of the body’s natural healing process. This holds especially true in two [...]

The 7 Methods of Chiropractic Adjustment and What They Are Used to Treat

Chiropractic care has many options for ways to treat patients effectively. Which method is used depends completely on the patient's condition. At Kaster Chiropractic we have your wellness in mind at all times and adjust accordingly. It is helpful to be familiar with the types of treatment. They are listed below.   The Diversified Technique [...]

Regular Headaches Aren’t Normal – Let Kaster Chiropractic Help

Everyone has a headache now and then but if you are experiencing headaches on a weekly or even daily basis, it needs to be addressed. Regular headaches are a sign that something is amiss in your body. Headaches can be triggered by a number of issues including environmental exposures, skeletal misalignments, and neurological issues. They [...]