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Since opening his practice in 2000, Fort Myers Chiropractor, Dr. Jason B. Kaster D.C., has gained attention as a trusted chiropractic physician in Southwest Florida. In addition to memberships in the most prestigious professional organizations; Dr. Kaster has received extensive education in the field of non-invasive care. He places emphasis on continuing education to better serve his patients. He holds certifications in Manipulation Under Anesthesia and Neurodiagnostics / Electrodiagnosis.

Through dedication to patient-centered wellness, Kaster Chiropractic and Associates help patients attain their care goals through nutrition and gentle effective chiropractic care.

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Why Choose Kaster Chiropractic and Associates?

Dr. Kaster has been helping patients get on track to better health for nearly two decades now. He believes in a personalized approach to chiropractic treatment which encompasses a combination of chiropractic techniques including Diversified, Thompson, Activator, Flexion/Distraction, Axial distraction, Myofascial Release, Ischemic Compression, and Therapeutic Stretching along with decompression, hydromassage, ice and heat, e-stimulation, ultrasound, and even offers nutritional services.
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How We Can Help You

Health is our natural state of being. Deciding to settle for anything less is setting the bar too low. Chiropractic care helps your body to heal itself, naturally without the use of potentially dangerous medications. We can help you feel your best and take a curative, proactive approach to your health care.

Back Pain

Lower-back-pain sufferers rated hands-on treatments, such as chiropractic and massage, as being more helpful than seeing their primary-care doctor. (Consumer Reports)

Using spinal adjustments and other techniques, Dr. Kaster can treat many common back problems.

fort myers neck pain relief

Neck Pain

Neck pain sufferers often turn to chiropractic care for help. Why? For the reason that chiropractic is considered the first line of treatment for cervical conditions.

If you’re experiencing discomfort in your neck, Dr. Jason B. Kaster (Fort Myers Chiropractor) has the knowledge and experience to help his patients find pain relief.


Several clinical trials indicate that spinal manipulation therapy may help treat migraine headaches. In one study of people with migraines, 22% of those who received chiropractic manipulation reported more than a 90% reduction of attacks. Also, 49% reported a significant reduction of the intensity of each migraine.


Arthritis is also known as osteoarthritis, spondylosis, or spinal degeneration.Not only can Chiropractic relive arthritic pain, but it can also prevent arthritis. Regardless of the timing of the beginning of chiropractic care, it conclusively increases mobility and prevents loss of mobility, preventing the development of internal scar tissue (adhesions) and, therefore, arthritis.

auto accident injuries chiropractor Fort Myers

Auto Injury

Not sure what to do after an Auto Accident or who will pay for the cost? Call for a consultation to discuss what your injuries are, how your treatment will be paid for, and what action you need to take.

Fort Myers Chiropractor, Dr. Jason B. Kaster works with other physicians / specialists in the community who treat and accept automobile injury patients and insurance; such as, attorneys, neurologists, orthopedics, MRI, and diagnositic facilities.

Pain from Bio Mechanical Dysfunciton

What is bio mechanical dysfunction? The causes of altered bio mechanics can be: pronated feet / flat footed / collapsed arches causing altered gait, degenerative scoliosis, teenage scoliosis, trauma, asymmetrical muscle imbalance, altered gait from secondary to primary knee and hip problems.

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Chiropractic can help with – Relief from Pain, Increased Mobility, Boosted Strength, Elevated Energy Levels, Headaches, Neck Pain, Back Pain, Accident Recovery, and much more.

What You Can Expect With Dr.Kaster and Associates

What Our Patients Are Saying

Just What I Needed

What a fantastic experience!  Dr. Kaster is a knowledgeable, caring, trustworthy, chiropractic physician who helped me get through an exercise induced back problem.  His state-of-the-art equipment & expertise proved to be just what I needed!

Traci Mehalik

Tailored Adjustments

Dr. Kaster is an excellent, compassionate chiropractor. He takes into consideration each patient’s chiropractic needs and tailors his adjustments accordingly. His office is equipped to provide additional therapies as well. I have recommended him many times.

Melissa S.


Hitting a tree head on snow tobbogganing — age 9;
Falling off the uneven bars on my head in gym class — age 14;
Almost flipping my TR 6 getting whiplash — age 22;
Getting relief from childhood fun via Dr. Kaster’s adjustments — priceless.

Thank you Dr. Kaster!!!

Traci Mehalik
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